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WhatsApp Business

23rd January 2018

What Is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is like WhatsApp, but this app is designed specifically for businesses and customers in mind. With Business, users can interact with customers easily using tools built into the app to automate communication.


What Features Are In WhatsApp Business?

The following are tools in the app that allow easily automate communication.

– Quick Replies

– Set Business Type

– Add Landline Number

– Auto-reply

– See Sent and Receive Statistics

– Verification of Business Number


Quick Replies

This feature allows the user to quickly send a short message that can be saved and re-used.


Set Business Type

This feature allows the user to establish a profile giving helpful information to customers when communicating with them. E.g. company address, business description, select a business category, e-mail address, and website.


Add Landline Number

WhatsApp Business now allows landline numbers to be added in addition to mobile numbers.


Auto Reply

Create a reply that can be generated when someone tries contacting you, create your own ‘Out of Office’ on WhatsApp. The message can be always On or Scheduled.


See Sent and Receive Statistics

See when each message has been sent and received with timestamps.


Verification Of Business Number

WhatsApp like Twitter can now verify and give each number a tick, this feature allows the number to be recognised a true business number.

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