vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
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vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

Vehicle Tracking

If your business relies on the use of a vehicle fleet, our tracking solutions can offer you a broad spectrum of tangible benefits. Fleet vehicle tracking can be used in a number of ways to better manage your business and give you more control over your vehicles, employees and fuel bills.

If you can’t monitor it, you can’t measure it!

Codeblue’s Fleet vehicle tracking solutions cater for all fleet tracking needs whether it is for a HGV, Van or passenger vehicle that you would like to monitor when out line of sight.

Why purchase a fleet tracking system?

•  Lower fuel costs
•  Increase security
•  Improve efficiency and productivity
•  Improve customer services
•  Lower fleet insurance premiums
•  Instantly accessible fleet information
•  Efficient job allocation to closest vehicle

Our Solutions

As with all our services, when it comes to Fleet Tracking not one solution fits all. With this in mind Codeblue work with a wide range of suppliers to ensure we provide the solution that works for you. We can offer TomTom telematics, Quartix tracking, Vision Track cameras with live tracking and our own branded solution with the ability to remotely immobilise your vehicles. Link to offer pages Quartix pricing in offers re-branded to show no mention of Quartix to be designed by us also a Codeblue immobilisation offer.



With a fleet management telematics 'Black Box' installed into your company’s vehicles, the movement of those vehicles can easily be tracked through standard GPS systems. As a result, you are able to assess the quality of driving by your employees. And by taking into consideration factors such as location, length of driving experience, and acceleration, breaking and cornering performance, not only could improve the driving behaviour of your fleet but might also be able to reduce the cost of your fleet insurance overheads.

Telematics also give you the ability to spot trends in vehicle usage, benchmark performance and identify areas where adjustments could lead to greater safety or minimised costs. In addition to which, it can help you manage fuel efficiencies and carbon reporting.

Fuel Monitoring

Useful reporting features such as Fuel consumption reports help you monitor the fuel consumption of your fleet's vehicles and easily see exceptional events.

Visual graphs showing individual fuel consumption and the fleet's average over time.

Highlights fuel consumption when it exceeds a definable maximum threshold.

Tachograph Services using our TomTom solution

Make compliance simpler and faster

Meet your compliance obligations the easy way, through automation and remote download functionality. Schedule and automate your remote downloads so you never miss a deadline.

Save costs whilst boosting productivity

Save costs and help staff save valuable working time with remote download of digital tachograph data. With no need to travel back to the depot, your drivers save mileage, and can be more productive. Your office staff also save time, as they don’t need to travel offsite to download and archive data.

Tachograph Compliance management

Prove compliance the easy way with Tachograph Manager analysis, reporting and dashboards, together with the simple convenience of Remote Download. Ensure continuous compliance, and easy scheduling with real time Remaining Driving Times.

WebFleet Tachograph Manager is a complete end-to-end solution that lets you download data remotely and manually, catering for all your fleet. It lets you analyse driver performance data, from driving time to rest periods, and it securely archives all information for easy retrieval.

Remote Download of Digital Tachograph data

Mass storage & driver card remote download without the vehicle needing to be at the depot or manual interaction.

Remaining Driving Times

Always know how much driving time your driver has left, and whether they are compliant with legislation.

Tachograph Reporting

With Dashboard, email reports, and TachoGrade driver profiling you are always informed on the fleet compliance.

Up-to-date compliance check up

Analysis tools are permanently kept up-to-date with legislation and include schedules of fines for selected countries.

Simplified driver administration

By providing templates for attestation of activities and driver instruction.

One reliable online solution for the whole fleet

Central archiving of tachograph information according to legal requirements with access from any PC. Archiving of manually downloaded tachograph files supported.

Connected TomTom Webfleet Navigation units

Being stuck in traffic affects worker productivity and has a high impact on your service and planning. This is why we believe that efficient fleet management starts with professional navigation which can deal with traffic. Or better said: that can avoid traffic.

Extremely Accurate Traffic Info

Drivers can rely on TomTom Traffic* that is so accurate that drivers can be alerted to tail jams which prevent braking suddenly. More likely they will avoid traffic completely thanks to TomTom’s trillions of data points collected from hundreds of millions of connected devices which are used with live traffic views to accurately predict and help avoid traffic.

Fastest Routes

TomTom's navigation technology is equipped with a database of real driving times to calculate the fastest route, whenever and wherever you go. Besides the actual traffic, it factors in the traffic lights, roundabouts and other road obstacles.

Pro Driver Terminals

With the right subscription, all TomTom PRO series driver terminals support real-time traffic information. And besides this, they can be part of the fleet management solution enabling active driver feedback to help save on fuel, send orders straight to the vehicle, working time registration and much more.


Stolen Vehicle Tracking

One of the areas that concerns us most at Codeblue Communications is the recent increase in stolen vehicle report. Often these thieves are targeting high value cars and involve a house break-in or key cloning technology. As we have a wide range of in-car engineers available to us we wanted to source a solution for our customers. We have sourced a Thatcham approved installer. This engineer can also fit the Autowatch Ghost system.

In my mind the Ghost system is pure genius.

Autowatch Ghost

The Ghost is the world's first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. Protect your car from theft like nothing else on the market today. The Autowatch Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. The only way a thief could take a Ghost protected car is by physically towing it away, even then they will never be able to drive it! The Autowatch Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The Ghost uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, PIN code sequence that must first be entered before you can drive your car. Just like your credit card but you can make your car PIN even safer by making it up to 20 presses long!

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vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

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vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras