Vehicle tracking

If your business relies on the use of a vehicle fleet, such as delivery vans or transportation HGVs, our tracking facility can offer you a broad spectrum of tangible benefits.

For example, vehicle tracking allows you to reallocate your fleet whenever necessary, it enables you to route jobs more accurately, keep a close eye on the safety and efficiency of your staff, as well as ensure they are creating a positive brand impression while they are out on the road. What’s more, using in-vehicle cameras in conjunction with vehicle tracking means you can review the behaviour of your drivers as well as check on their idling time.

All of which can make for shorter, more efficient journeys, deliver fuel savings and keep idling time to a minimum.


With a TomTom fleet management telematics 'Black Box' installed into your company’s vehicles, the movement of those vehicles can easily be tracked through standard GPS systems. As a result, you are able to assess the quality of driving by your employees. And by taking into consideration factors such as location, length of driving experience, and acceleration, breaking and cornering performance, not only could improve the driving behaviour of your fleet but might also be able to reduce the cost of your fleet insurance overheads.

Telematics also give you the ability to spot trends in vehicle usage, benchmark performance and identify areas where adjustments could lead to greater safety or minimised costs. In addition to which, it can help you manage fuel efficiencies and carbon reporting.


Stolen asset recovery

On average nearly 300 vehicles are stolen every single day in England and Wales alone - that’s one every five minutes. Fortunately, however, Codeblue Communications can offer your business protection against potential loss.

Thanks to its advanced VHF technology, the stolen vehicle recovery system from Tracker (the only one supported nationwide by UK Police) ensures that the GPS/GSM signal in your fleet cannot be jammed, so your vehicles can be recovered if they are stolen. It’s an excellent solution that not only reduces the risk of your business having to pay high excess insurance costs, but can actually lower your insurance premiums.

The same protection is available if your business uses construction or agricultural vehicles. Installing tracking enables you to set geographic boundaries which generate alerts should your assets breach them and could reduce your insurance by as much as 25%.

GPS Mileage Capture

If your business could benefit from a system that eliminates mileage overestimation and fraudulent mileage claims, that’s HMRC compliant and could save you money by reducing administrative time and improving accuracy, then our GPS Mileage Capture product is for you.

This outstanding technology solution enables you to record your employees’ business mileage, but without the necessity of full vehicle tracking. It does so via a combined
a GPS/USB dongle which is easily installed into a vehicle power socket or USB port by the driver. A soon as the ignition is turned on, it utilises GPS technology to track each journey to monitor mileage.

The device is then simply removed from the vehicle and inserted into a computer or laptop where the mileage capture app uploads all journey details. These can be edited to differentiate between business and private mileage so an accurate claim can then be submitted.

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