Internal and external vehicle cameras

Installing cameras on your business vehicles can deliver many worthwhile benefits. For example, they can protect you against motor insurance fraud and have a proven track record in reducing the frequency and severity of fleet claims. In addition, they also defend against so-called ‘cash for crash’ incidents, as well as exaggerated insurance claims.

To help deliver these advantages Codeblue Communications can provide high resolution 170° colour camera systems that can be used with any vehicle, whether they be cars, motorbikes, taxis, vans, haulage vehicles or forklift equipment.

For employers this provides the ability to identify training needs and unsafe driving. It also reduces vehicle wear and tear, logs vehicle journey history and rewards safe driving while enabling you to manage your fleet more efficiently.

360 Cameras

Camera and sensor solutions to enhance driver experience and road-user safety. They can also help address FORS and CLOCS requirements

The system records exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. It does this by recording the following information:

Drivers view of the road, View down the near-side of the vehicle, View down the off-side of the vehicle, View to the rear of the vehicle, Vehicle location, Impact force of accident, audio & Driving style which includes speed, acceleration, braking & turns.

Front near-side sensors alert the driver audibly whenever something is present in the near-side blind spot

In vehicle monitor activates automatically giving the driver a view of what is present in their blind spot

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