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Cloud computing enables employees to work more productively. It allows them to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently by facilitating enhanced communication and information exchange, no matter where they are. What’s more, it provides employers with far greater awareness of how their employees are working, which in turn, gives them more control over their business. Small wonder, then, that it has become an integral part of today’s business landscape.

At the forefront of such technology is Microsoft’s Office 365, and as an appointed Microsoft partner Codeblue Communications is ideally placed to be able to propose the best possible cloud solution for your business. And having done so you can be sure we will be here to make sure your system is constantly maintained and kept up to date.

Activity tracking software

Allowing staff to work from home can offer many benefits to employers, but on the other hand, how can you be sure your people are managing their time responsibly and being as efficient as they would be if they were office-based?

The answer is ActivTrack. This clever piece of software can be installed on company laptops to provide employers with more information about what their staff are doing when they are working remotely. It is an entirely undetectable application which functions unseen and unheard on computers, gathering application titlebars, page titles, URLs, and screenshots to provide invaluable data about the websites the user visits and how long they spend there. Additionally, ActivTrak provides the facility to remotely close websites such as social media, gambling, and streaming services on your employees’ computers. Importantly, no private information is captured, but all work-related data is then stored securely on Amazon cloud.

Data Backup

Keeping your companies data secure is critical. Vapour Backup solutions provided by Codeblue Communications are designed to protect your data and keep it out of the wrong hands. With the unfortunate possibility of data loss, accidental deletion, virus attacks or server failures, you need a service that you can rely on to retrieve this data without fuss.

The Cloud backup service automatically transfers data from your businesses servers onto Vapour Backup’s UK-based data centres on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly basis depending on your requirements.  The service runs automatically and provides you with daily reports so you can sleep easy knowing that your data is safe.

The Hybrid backup service also automatically transfers data from your servers to the Vapour Backup’s data centres, but keeps a copy on your site for added assurance.  This solution is perfect for businesses that enjoy the convenience of all data being backed up locally, whilst simultaneously being kept securely off-site in the event of a malfunction.

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