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CSR not just CSR’s Sake

2nd August 2018

Working with the Ahead Partnership

As part of our early involvement with the Talent match scheme, we were introduced to the ahead partnership in Leeds. ( These two schemes separated but we have kept in touch. They do great work around involving schools with businesses and visa versa getting the message to young people about life after education.

I thought I would take the opportunity to write a blog about the events I have attended with them. We have exhibited at a career fair, done a panel question time scenario and most recently an interview practice workshop.

The three events have really made it hit home as to how challenging the workplace and career options can be for year 10 and 11 pupils. You forget how many choices these children are asked to make at such a young age. Talking to these pupils has made me think that surely more of these kinds of events put on by Ahead Partnership should be a part of the syllabus. The confusion and worry that has occasionally come to the fore when chatting with these individuals is very concerning. As a parent of a similar aged child, I just want her to enjoy life and have no unnecessary worries. After all the choices most of us made at 14 and 15 have had very little bearing on our work life.

I suppose I’m saying the more exposure children have to world of work and the different paths they can take the better. I’d encourage any business leader or senior manager to get involved with the scheme. The last two events took half a day out of my schedule and I felt a load more confidence in the future of business talking to these children. It also dispelled a few urban myths about teenager’s attitude to everyday life. They do save in my networking group that ‘Givers Gain’ and I certainly think listening to feedback from the other employers involved they got loads out of the events.

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