Like most business people, you’re probably too busy running your company and striving to make it ever more successful to have researched which type of communications system could benefit your organisation most. But not to worry, at Codeblue Communications we have all the skills, creativity, know-how and experience necessary to ensure you get precisely the right set-up - one that can deliver real and tangible benefits for your business.

For the last 7 years, the Codeblue Communications team have been striving to offer the best possible solution for each and every customer. We maintain regular contact, and with our ongoing support, you can be assured that your business communicates as efficiently and effectively as possible. As a result, not only will you and your employees be communicating more beneficially, but you may even find that you save some money in the long run. We provide monthly billing reports and offer tips on how you and your business can reduce spend on your communications strategy.


All on Mobile has cut down on a lot of work about work, now rather than our engineers having to rely on job sheets to be faxed to them they can pull their work list up on their mobile device before they have left home and go straight to the first job. They also don’t need to go into the office at the end of the day to finish job sheets. This has led to massive savings in time and fuel allowing for a more productive day. Because all the work orders are now digital there are a number of benefits that come from this, the ability to search through hundreds of job sheets at a near instant speed for one!

Dental Engineers

Codeblue offer great product / industry / tech knowledge applied in a common sense way to our business so the advice, service and product met our requirements and wasn’t an off the shelf solution. Codeblue do what you say you will do when you do it – practical advice readily provided

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