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CSR not just CSR’s Sake

Working with the Ahead Partnership As part of our early involvement with the Talent match scheme, we were introduced to the ahead partnership in Leeds. ( These two schemes separated but we have kept in touch. They do great work around involving schools with businesses and visa versa getting the message to young people about…

WhatsApp Business

What Is WhatsApp Business? WhatsApp Business is like WhatsApp, but this app is designed specifically for businesses and customers in mind. With Business, users can interact with customers easily using tools built into the app to automate communication.   What Features Are In WhatsApp Business? The following are tools in the app that allow easily…

chaIOS “Text Bomb” Threat

What is chaIOS? chaIOS is a bug that can cause iOS devices (iPhones an iPads) and Mac OS to crash. In some cases, the phone/device/Mac will need restarting to resume normal activity. The bug is caused by a message received on iMessage, this bug will cause a loop on the device/phone/Mac which will slow down…

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