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In-vehicle crash camera – no more cash for crash

We got involved with in-vehicle crash cameras like most of the products we sell – by trying to source a solution for a customer’s problem. Our customer in Huddersfield told us about an dubious incident one of their drivers was involved in. The driver was on the M62 slowing down to pull off a slip…

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Why do I even need vehicle tracking?

“Big brother”, “necessary evil”, “I’m not sure how we managed before we installed it”. The above are just descriptions I have had when trying to sell our vehicle tracking solutions. In my mind all are great descriptions of a service that may as well have “Marmite” written on the box. NEVER have I sold a…

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Blackberry – end of love affair end of an era?

With the recent updates on Blackberry and its future within mobile industry , I’d like to give my take on the Blackberry debate. Having been lucky enough to be an enthusiastic early adaptor of the technology, I have to say up until 18 months ago I would never have seen the recent happenings coming ….

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