vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
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vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras


As part of Codeblue’s role supporting with our customers, we are constantly looking for ways customers can streamline their processes. This in turn can aid productivity and reduce operating costs. We went to market to find applications we could offer to our customers that we know will work for them. These applications that were once deemed only available to blue-chip companies due to costs are now available to the SME market. Below are just a few of the areas we have found solutions.


Workflow Solutions

Workflow solutions allow your company to manage its off-site workforce more effectively by ensuring instant access to important information as and when you need it. Our fully integrated products not only capture and record essential data, they also streamline previously time-consuming tasks such as invoicing, time tracking, dispatching and work-order management.

To help deliver these benefits our systems integrate seamlessly into your existing network. They also offer some innovative new features which can be customised to your needs via a convenient web-services interface.

An added bonus to workflow solutions is that they also eliminate the need for conventional job sheets and paperwork. Which means they reduce the amount of admin time required to process any data, which is good news for everyone.

GeoPal workflow solution


Mobile Android and iOS app

The GeoPal mobile app is highly configurable and can be tailored to the exact requirements of customers in different sectors. It has a very intuitive, fast and user-friendly interface to deploy to large field-based workforces and is available for android and iOS. Field workers use the GeoPal mobile app to receive jobs assigned to them, navigate to the job location, check in onsite and then follow the job workflow. The workflows can be customized to suit the data to be captured at each step – no coding required.

GeoPal Cloud Platform

The GeoPal cloud platform is hosted on Amazon AWS, in two physically separate locations with a load balancer splitting traffic between both locations. This underpins their 99.99% reliability figures and makes the solution massively scalable.

Quick Integration

You have invested heavily in your existing IT systems, such as your CRM, ERP, GIS systems and your Finance and Payroll systems. GeoPal adds mobility to these systems by integrating with them, via our Web Services RESTful API. GeoPal provides these systems with real-time updates from the field, such as: job status updates, confirmation of service delivery, parts usage, location of employees, time and attendance, asset status updates and so on.

Full reporting suite

GeoPal captures your field data through their customizable mobile app and also via IoT sensors.

The visualization of this data via executive dashboards and custom reporting portals gives you insights into how your business is operating. With GeoPal’s actionable reports you see the performance of your field operations in real-time, but even more importantly, you can visualize trends – compare daily performance levels, number of jobs completed this week versus last week, productivity levels across different teams and much more.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Check solution

FleetCheck’s award winning fleet management software is easy to use, with a flexible user interface that gives structure and support you can rely on. By integrating with over 250 data streams, the system enables your business to handle your fleet tasks efficiently, whilst embedding a robust audit trail to underpin your legal requirements.

The intuitive technology includes a unique ‘traffic light’ alert system. This provides businesses with an easy-to-understand overview of upcoming events, including over 85 inbuilt alert types and the ability to create custom alerts. Being cloud-based, this solution also gives users easy access to their data and confidence it is secure and backed-up.

For Driver Management

Reminders and management of licence checking Mobile App for walk-around checks, with live vehicle status reporting Vehicle to driver assignment Monitor and manage accidents, incidents and training Company portal for fleet policy communication and management

For Vehicle Management

Direct link to DVLA for MOT and RFL alerts Proactive defect and tyre management Servicing and vehicle advisory repair alerts Fuel card data integration

Grey fleet management

For Complete Fleet Management HGV operator’s licence compliance Support with Van Excellence and FORS accreditation Insurance and warranty management Over 600 inbuilt reports with multiple format and scheduling options Intuitive dashboard for instant fleet overview

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Mobile device management

It never fails to surprise us that the last device to be set up for security is the company mobile. We usually get contacted after a device has been lost or data has gone form the device. An end user has left and taken aa device wit them. These situations can be prevented using a device manager. These are now available off the shelf and dramatically increase mobile device security.

We can offer you a cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution that puts device security in your hands. It's a simple and comprehensive way of managing all the mobiles, tablets and laptops connecting to your network. Wherever they are. Whoever they belong to.

What can Mobile device manager (MDM) software do?

Keep control of all employee mobile devices. Wipe lost or stolen devices remotely Restrict useable device features Help desk support such as password reset

Protect your mobile workforce from cyber-attacks.

Detect, analyse and fix malware on mobile Set granular policy controls Automatically uninstall infected apps

Keep your company data separate from employees’ personal data.

Prevent data leaks by restricting sharing and copying Fully compliant web browsing and single sign-on Secure access to corporate intranet sites

For more information on how can protect your company mobile devices get in touch.


Lone Working

Lone working can bring with it huge benefits for businesses and employees alike. For staff it allows greater flexibility which can improve overall productivity for the company. However, with employees off site, you need to be sure that they are safe and working as they should. At CodeBlue Communications, we are able to offer a range of market-leading products that can help you to deliver on your commitment to staff productivity and safety.

Our lone-working solutions provide 24/7 support with full reporting on employee usage and disclosure of any incidents that may occur. They are suitable for mobile and bespoke devices - and are compliant with the British standard BS8484. Comprehensive training is undertaken by our third-party providers via webinars or face to face. And once everything is set up, you will have full access to a BS5979 Category 2 monitoring centre, the solution also gives you access to quarterly reports ensuring the service is being used as you require.


Smartphone Application

RedAlert is a BS8484 certified lone worker application for your smartphone. Designed for customers who already have smartphones deployed and require lone worker protection, but do not want to have an additional device. The bespoke software provides staff with immediate access to a full suite of lone working features, fully supported by a BS5979 CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Amber Alert Timer

A simple method using a dedicated button to leave a brief message, detailing a lone working activity, for example updating address details or sending a voice message.

Manage everything in one place

Our helpful dashboard is full of useful tools to help lone workers stay connected. Users can manage their location, check in and activate amber or red alerts straight from their phone.

Real-time Location Tracking

User location is obtained via GPS, Wifi, and Cell ID using 3G/GPRS technology. This makes it even easier to accurately track where your employees are at all times.


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vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras
vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

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vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras

vehicle tracking, mobile telecommunication, VOIP solutions, FORS Vehicle Cameras