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5 reasons why mobile Wi-Fi is what you need in life

24th November 2014

There’s only so much time you can spend over one latte before you start feeling embarrassed about using café’s free Wi-Fi for so long. Every out-and-about employee nowadays faces that horrifying problem of not being able to connect on the go. And using the same café over and over again starts feeling embarrassing at some point.

HOWEVER. There is a solution to this #FirstWorldProblem! Mysterious device called Mi-Fi produces mobile Wi-Fi out of thin air (magic). And delivers it not only to one device – it’s a proper tiny Wi-Fi that a bunch of devices can use simultaneously.

5 reasons why mobile Wi-Fi device is what you need in life:

1. It’s tiny.

None of this book-sized router nonsense. Mi-Fi fits in your pocket and weighs less than an apple (100g).

2. Allows you to create own hotspot ANYWHERE.

Yeah, you don’t have to go to coffee shops no more; it doesn’t have to be hard-wired into your office. You can literally take it to park with you and crack that Excel sheet while listening to the birds singing their little hearts out.

3. Not restricted to just one device

You can be generous, you can keep it all to yourself – the choice is yours. Invite your colleagues to that park and have a productive ‘connected’ meeting. Or you could just share it with your family and friends when you’re camping, travelling or sat in traffic.

4. It’s more secure.

More secure than free public Wi-Fi hotspots, that is. Cause it’s personal. Personal mobile Wi-Fi, doesn’t get better than that!

5. You can use it in your car!

Of course not when you’re behind the wheel and driving CAUSE THIS IS DANGEROUS PLEASE STOP NOW. You should know though, that it plugs into the cigarette lighter socket for charging and was also designed to fit in a cup holder. Ideal for when you have to entertain the little monsters… ekhm kids in the back seat.


EE network talks about further developments in Mi-Fi usability:

“The simple fact is that ever-increasing numbers of companies, and their employees, are relying on mobility and wireless connectivity to stay productive. Gartner says 79 per cent of organisations plan to increase their spending on mobile development next year. Some organisations are already on the case. Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has equipped nurses with laptops and mobile Wi-Fi connections so that they can make updates over the network. Rather than having to return to the office to complete tasks, mobile Wi-Fi allows workers to stay connected when they’re on-site and to make more productive use of their time.”

Research also suggests that 75% of people think a week without coffee would be less unbearable than a week without Wi-Fi. We checked so that you don’t have to live through it!!

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